Slow Travel: Barge Cruise aboard European Waterways Anjodi in Rural France
Slow Travel: Barge Cruise aboard European Waterways Anjodi in Rural France

Slow Travel: Barge Cruise aboard European Waterways Anjodi in Rural France

Canal du Midi Anjodi hotel barge cruise in France

I dreamt of travelling on a luxury barge in the South of France for years. In October 2021, my husband and I turned our dream into a memory in the Languedoc region of southern France on the Canal Du Midi, cruising aboard the European Waterways 8-passenger barge, Anjodi

First International Trip Since the Start of the Pandemic

We were quite nervous about sharing this small barge with other passengers and four crew members, however, we packed our small suitcase and set off on our first trip in 2 years and flew to France. 

Judi & hubby aboard Canal du Midi Anjodi Hotel Barge Cruise

The stress of travelling for 6-nights on the charming barge Anjodi slowly evaporated. We felt comfortable spending our time on the top deck, in our suite and in the Saloon area of the barge, and we were equally comfortable during shore excursions exploring the surrounding areas, towns and villages. Barging slowly on the medieval Canal du Midi was the best way to experience this lesser-travelled region of France, away from the crowds and big cities. 

Life Aboard Anjodi

lunch al fresco aboard Anjodi.hotel barge cruise

Our daily routine was simple and completely stress-free. Our favourite spot was lounging on the sun deck, watching the scenery change as we slowly meandered along the canal. The only interruption was the grand meals served up top or in the saloon. With the need to go up and down stairs and even a ladder to access the rooftop, this barge requires full mobility.

Unlike large cruise ships, our barge cruise did not offer movies, shows, lectures and gyms, and the saloon’s small library had some games and books for guests to use. It was a casual atmosphere with no need to dress up.

Anjodi's comfy saloon on a Canal du Midi hotel barge cruise

The food and wine aboard were prepared with understated elegance and perfection, becoming a highlight of the trip. 

Our Cabin

Anjodi had four double cabins with an ensuite shower and toilet. Our cabin, Thym, had three portholes in the sleeping area and one in the bathroom. We requested that the beds be configured into one double bed instead of two singles.

We have taken many small ship cruises, so I was well aware of packing light and layering up. Because of this, we were able to easily unpack our belongings in the built-in shelves, sliding drawers under the bed, and on hooks throughout the cabin. 

"Thym" cabin on Anjodi Canal du Midi hotel barge cruise

Our bathroom was surprisingly large. It was equipped with a hair dryer, bath gel, soap, shampoo, fluffy robes, towels and slippers.

Anjodi's 4 cabins are ensuite

Food & Service

The meals were French/Mediterranean cuisine, made with locally sourced ingredients. Lunch and dinner included regional French wines, carefully paired with each course. We had a choice of  dining on the sun deck or at a traditional French dining table in the saloon.

Each morning, a small blackboard in the saloon displayed the daily menu.

Breakfast was served buffet-style from 7 am to 9 am in the traditional saloon. Starting with freshly brewed coffee or cappuccino, we enjoyed fresh baguette and bread, French pastries, an assortment of cheeses, sliced meats, yogurt, fresh fruits, cereals and freshly squeezed orange juice. 

Lunch was served at 12:30 pm, while dinner was served at 7:30 pm. With each course, our chef, Mickail, shared a personal story about the recipe and detailed information about the ingredients.

The service was exceptional; Captain Laurent and his team pampered us from morning until night. One passenger expressed his love for a particular whiskey. So when we stopped at the next village, our captain bought a bottle and poured him a drink that came as a complete surprise!

Our chef, Mickail purchased a box of Maldon Sea Salt as a gift for each guest. He explained the importance of using the right salt when preparing French food. 

This Canal Du Midi Anjodi Barge cruise exemplifies slow travel at its best in an off-the-beaten-path region of France.

The crew on board Anjodi went over and above to create an unforgettable and magical experience. Barge cruises are offered in different regions of France and in Italy, Scotland, Ireland and England. We will certainly return for another European Waterways barge cruise soon.